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Meet the staff

Sarah Rupert

Sarah understands the importance of before and after school programs created to cater to child development. She has 3 years of experience with the Apple Valley location, and is passionate about working with children and their families. When Sarah isn’t caring for the students of WVCC, you can find her swimming, traveling, or enjoying the great outdoors. In her downtime, she enjoys centering herself with yoga, art, and cooking. Her joy in life comes from being around the children of WVCC, learning new things, and exploring new places.

Bill Roberts

Bill is a staff member at the WVCC with a wealth of experience. Not only does he have 8 years of work experience from Mountain View, but he also has three grown daughters and has hands-on experience as a father and caregiver for young, growing minds. Bill knows how crucial it is for children to have the proper care suited to their needs. He loves being able to give the students of WVCC a safe place to learn and have fun. With his expertise earned in early childhood education from WVCC, Bill is always prepared for any situation in our childcare school programs.

Michelle Paz

Michelle is a staff member that knows WVCC well! She’s been with the WVCC team at Wide Hollow for over 4 years. After graduating from Eisenhower High School in 2017, she attended West Valley Community College for Social Work. During her time pursuing higher education, she completed numerous classes on early childhood education and child care. Upon graduation, she decided to focus her skillset on caring for and teaching the students of WVCC. Michelle is a dedicated team member that does her best to make sure the children always have fun, and play safely! 


McKel Dean

McKel Dean, also known at WVCC as Kel, is the Director of the West Valley Childcare Program. She has 12 years of experience in the education industry and has worked with children all her life. Before becoming a part of the team at WVCC, she worked as a preschool teacher in the Toppenish School District. McKel is well-versed in early childhood development with an AA degree in elementary education, a Bachelor’s, and also a Master’s in Psychology. Her mastery of childcare has been vital in her success with WVCC for the past 7 years. McKel has taken on the role as the Director for the past year and counting.


The WVCC program provides the finest care for the children of the West Valley School district because we understand that your children deserve nothing but the best. At WVCC, we believe in collaboration with students’ parents to provide a comprehensive care package that is focused on family values. Our Board is made up of a rotation of at least seven active members at a time and all of them are parents of students in WVCC.  This helps keep WVCC active and open as a non-profit organization. The Board oversees the support of executive staff, fund collection, and passes approval on the annual budget. Our parent-run Board also decides on our policies and procedures so that we may provide the care the children of WVCC deserve. Our Board members often change due to their children moving on in their education; this leaves vacancies for Board positions. We welcome any parents of the West Valley School District to join the Board if there is a vacancy. Keep in touch with us to find out how and when you can join us!

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