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Director: 509-930-7876

What makes us different

West Valley Child Care is a school program created to offer affordable child care for the families of the West Valley School District. We are a non-profit cooperative operated by a parent board to provide the best before and after school environment for the students of West Valley. We try our best to always be available to accommodate your schedule. We are open for school holidays, weather delays, and are right on site at your child’s school ready to assist you. We offer convenient, interactive, and reliable childcare to start and end your child’s day the right way. We help your children with homework, social skills, and engage in play. Every day, our students are learning, growing, and making memories that will last a lifetime.







Features and Benefits of WVCC

West Valley Child Care is a leading before and after school program that you can depend on. We are open for most holidays, weather delays, and offer summer care to accommodate your schedule. We understand the need for a safe educational space for your child that they can learn and grow in. This is why we offer affordable childcare on-site at your child’s school in the West Valley School District. 

We make it our mission to provide a nurturing space where your child can thrive with their interests in mind. Our educational approaches are centered on giving your child the tools and resources necessary to understand, communicate, and appreciate the world around them. We promote positive interactions, open expression, and leadership. Every child is the leader of their own experience, and we are here to guide that journey through observing, listening, documenting, and reflecting.

At WVCC, we believe in clear communication first and foremost, because we are parents ourselves and know that your child’s health and safety is of the utmost importance. The WVCC team is not only trustworthy, but we are knowledgeable and hold advanced degrees in early childhood education, child development, and psychology.   


Summer Care

We offer summer care for educational enrichment opportunities and fun!

Hands on Learning

We let your child decide what learning adventure they want to go on! We offer learning activities that are tailored to your child’s interests to help them engage in active play and socialization.

Great Staff

Our staff is committed to providing quality childcare and a safe atmosphere in which your children can engage in guided learning and play as they see fit.

Outdoor Activities

We offer morning and afternoon outdoor recess to engage our students in physical activity. The children participate in fun activities such as soccer, mushroom ball, football, kickball, tag, swinging, climbing, relay and more!